Are You Your Best Self at Work? Do You Shine?

We perform at our best at work when we play to our strengths. Here are five signs that you are playing to your strengths at work.

1. You Smile

When you are working on stuff that lights you up inside- you smile more! You shine! It feels good to be great at what you do. People gather around you and want to be part of your projects because you look like you are having fun. Life is too short to be miserable at work.

2. You Have Energy

While others are feeling stuck and low on energy, your natural enthusiasm for the task is bubbling up. You can’t wait to get started while others are still asking how, who, what, why, when, where? When you work on things that play to your strengths the fire in your belly and your own talents get you through what other’s might find daunting or overwhelming.

3. You Show Ability

It is a no-brainer for you! You instinctively know what to do and how to do it and why it matters. You most likely work more quickly and produce a greater result than someone else on the team when you are applying one of your particular talents. Others find it remarkable that you can do what you do. Whilst for you, it is no biggy it comes easily and you enjoy doing it.

4. You Work In Full Flow

You don’t need direction to be shown how or what to do. You find a natural flow in carrying out your best work, you naturally apply and adapt your talents to what is needed. there is no struggle, no sense of what you lack or what you can’t do. Time flies and you lose yourself in the task, performing at your best with ease.

5. You Grow

You might not recognise your own achievements too readily as they come so easily to you. Yet others will. You are making a meaningful contribution and that makes for fulfilling work. In an organisation that values its staff you will gain recognition and become the ‘go to guy/girl’ for what you do uniquely well. When you value your talents and notice the effects that your gifts bring to other’s, you will share what you know and you will help others grow too.

So today at work, notice what you do best and don’t be afraid to shine!

At On The Up Consulting Ltd we coach people to discover their strengths, their purpose and potential. If you are not using your strengths at work and want to discover how, let’s talk.