Feeling stuck? Sensing overwhelm? Try these 3 simple, but powerful questions to generate some surprising solutions. Sometimes all we need to do, is take a breath and ask a different question to get a new perspective and see what is actually possible.

It is easy to get bogged down in our own thinking and overwhelmed by the size of a problem and the scale of a situation. We sometimes create a perspective that things are too difficult, insurmountable and beyond our capabilities. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!”

We want to believe what we perceive is true yet, most of the time we are only experiencing the limits of our own thinking. Asking yourself a powerfully simple coaching question can shift your perspective and help find ways to unlock your personal resourcefulness to get things On The Up.

Here are three of my personal favourites- the coaching questions I often use to power through the tough stuff. They really work – for me and my clients.

1.For dealing with overwhelm try asking…
What will it take? – This is a great way to focus just on the things that matter and start to think about actionable steps. You gain clarity on what you are or not prepared to do. You feel more in charge and have a sense of your own boundaries and any self-imposed limitations.

2.When there is a need to get back to reality and away from catastrophising ask…
Is it true? – This question helps to get to grips with what is really happening and needs to be addressed to get things going well again. Here we often see what we have been creating in our own minds but might not be how that played out for real. Often our insecurities colour our judgement. It’s ok! We are all ‘works in progress’, no-one is perfect.

3. When the worst version of yourself is showing up and you are not using your unique capabilities for the best outcome, try this one out…

What would your best self do?- This helps you see what strengths you can bring and how there is always the option to handle a situation in a way that will leave you smiling not shameful. This way really works to keep your relationships and your self esteem in great shape too.

So, if you are all out of answers, give these questions a go and find ways to #beyourbestself more of the time!

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