Hopefully Christmas was fabulous and the New Year got off to a brilliant start, so how are you feeling about heading back to work? If you are in a job you love with people you enjoy working with, you use your skills and talents and can really see where you make a difference then you are probably bounding back into the office this week! However, if this is not you and you have a sense of dread at the impending return to the job where you feel; disconnected, overwhelmed, or adrift from your true purpose, then here is a key question to help you reflect and reset.

Shine or Decline?

The start of a new decade- with some focus and some practical actions this can be the difference between shine or decline. The ‘always on’ culture means that people are spending more of their time working even when they are not at work. If you are not clear on what you want from work then work will only be about what others want from you. Asking yourself what you want from work- shifts the focus from the tasks demanded of you towards the rewards you most value. This way you can focus on what matters to you and still get the job done. When you ask yourself the question, you might discover that you want to;  be more fulfilled, to have a better work life balance, to advance, to be recognised and acknowledged or to learn something new. Bringing to mind what you want from work will help you be more intentional about making it happen. You will have the clarity to spot the opportunities when they arise and the confidence to ask for what you want or find ways to get that for yourself. Maybe this is your time to seek out new development opportunities, gain flexibility, switch teams, set up your own business or take a career break to write that book or travel the world.

Now take a look at your to-do list and the meetings in your calendar- where are the opportunities to get more of what you want at work? Do they exist already or do you need to start creating them? Can you strengthen your focus on what matters to you and still get the job done, keep the bosses and the customers happy? If not maybe it is time for a change of role, a time to be bold and make that happen.

If you are really thinking about making 2020 a year where you make the changes to Be Your Best Self and get things On The Up then email us and ask about our coaching offer to help you discover your strengths, your purpose and unlock your potential.

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