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On The Up is a purposefully positive organisation. We work with people and organisations to help people Be Their Best Selves and Get Things On The Up.

Life is too short not to live it and love it! Through coaching and consulting we help people to discover; their strengths, their purpose, and their potential to Be their Best Selves and get things On The Up. We offer workforce development with teams, and personal development with groups and individuals.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to enable people to become their best selves, and play to their unique strengths to be fulfilled, happy and successful.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire organisations to coach people using a strength- based approach, building on what is already good to achieve great outcomes in the things that matter most to people, organisations and communities.

Our Vision

On The Up clients will be their best selves; happier, purposeful, fulfilled and successful.

Finding fun ways to talk about the tough stuff!


– Unlock young people’s potential

Our coaching skills programme and resources can help you to improve young people’s emotional wellbeing and help them be their best selves.

Our award-winning, Chats That Matter® approach, develops the coaching skills in staff to engage students in meaningful conversations that unlock potential.

  • Download our FREE worksheet
  • See our purposefully positive approach and Enquire about online training
  • Check out Our Online Resources Hub for Members
  • Receive your own coaching toolkit for Chats That Matter® and let’s help young people be their best selves and get things on the up!
  • Learn how to meet OfSTED’s Building Character requirements – take a strengths-based approach

At Work

– Engage, develop, & support employees

The traditional Performance Development Review is a thing of the past, as employers seek new and more meaningful ways to engage their employees, support them and keep them motivated.

Our award-winning Chats That Matter® programme focuses on transformative conversations. With a blended learning programme we train your managers to develop their coaching skills; to engage with staff positively, helping them be their best selves and get things on the up!

  • Find out how to get the best out of people in your organisation!
  • Ensure your people feel supported and valued by their managers!
  • Prevent burn out!
  • Make sure the best people stay in your organisation!

what we do best

People tell us that our work is really different and that we make a difference. After our sessions people describe being more positive, inspired, motivated, enlightened and uplifted.

One To One Coaching

A great way to gain clarity and personal motivation, in a way that matters to you. Build on strengths and discover your purpose, passion and potential and take practical steps to get things On The Up!

Be Your Best Self Workshops

We all have things that get in the way of being our best selves. This coaching approach uses fun concepts to get things On The Up.

Strength-Based Approach In Community

You’ll discover great things in people and places when you take the strength-based approach. Shifting the focus from ‘what is wrong to what is strong,’developing the mindset, behaviours and skills for working in community.

Coaching Skills - Grow and Achieve

When we discover strengths we unlock potential. Developing strength-based conversation skills to value and engage with staff discover their capabilities and what makes them tick; enable the workforce to grow and achieve.

Chats That Matter®

Coaching and mentoring are great ways to talk to young people about the things that matter most, discover strengths and unlock potential. Learn the key skills, tools and concepts for these strength-based conversations.

Grow Your Talent Mentoring

Discover the tools, skills and techniques to develop mentors who will support mentees to grow and achieve.
“We get really great results from our work. People tell us our sessions our fun, positive, inspiring, enlightening, thought-provoking and different…”
Even after 29 years there are events you attend that can change your life for the good. Thank you, I am now going to coach my little team to achieve their dreams!

Police Sergeant

My thinking has shifted completely, I see the world in a whole new way. I feel more much more positive about what can be done.

Senior HR Manager

By far the best and most stretching course I’ve ever been on! thank you.
“I would definitely recommend this course”

Police Inspector

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I got the job!

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Talking Books with Hannah Kate 🎙

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