People turn to coaches at various points in their careers, you don’t have to wait until it all goes wrong to reach out to a coach. Here are the key reasons why you might need a coach right now.

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1.If you feel stuck and know you are not progressing at work.

When you realise that you are still working for the same organisation, but you no longer feel connected to the company values, lack strong working relationships, or have fallen out of love with the work itself. Maybe you changed or maybe the organisation did. Either way talking to a coach can help you work through your options helping you to see what you really want from work, what you are currently missing, and how to get that back. Knowing something isn’t right is one thing but not doing anything about it can make us feel worse. Perhaps it is time to talk to someone about how you can work towards your career goals. A coach can help you to explore your full potential and see what you are really capable of so you can think about your next move whether that is upwards or even outwards.

2.You are the boss and everyone is looking for you to lead the way.

Being a leader carries great responsibility and whilst you are busy supporting and encouraging everyone else, who do you get to talk to about your plans and aspirations? Having a coach that will listen with empathy and ask questions that will challenge you can help you create new insights and overcome blocks. By helping you to both reflect and think out loud, a coach can help you formulate your ideas into coherent plans and firm intentions. It is a great way to help you to keep moving forward in a way that feels right to you and will land well with the staff too.

3. You want to develop your leadership style.

You know that there are different ways to lead, or do you? A successful modern leader in today’s organisations knows how to lead with emotional intelligence. This means being able to flex between different leadership styles in a range of situations and when working with different team members. A coach can offer insights on your personal style at work. Understanding your personal leadership preference and how to expand your range of leadership will help you to lead with influence, generate greater consensus and role model the behaviours you want to see in your managers too.

4. You want to have more impact.

You realise that you have been hiding away for too long. You are keen to have an impact and increase your presence and visibility. It is time to step into your true potential. Maybe you are thinking about preparing for a promotion or perhaps you find yourself with new responsibilities and you want to know how to shine. A coach can help you discover your many strengths and help you use them to advance and be acknowledged for your contributions, Imagine how rewarding that would be to be recognised for what you are uniquely good at. A coach can help you to find that fulfillment from being at your best at work.

5. You want to have a greater work life balance.

You have noticed that things are a little out of kilter and you have lost your focus on the things that really matter. A coach can help you understand yourself as a whole person, see what is really driving you, and help you understand the rewards you value most. By looking at all aspects of life a coach can help you see where to put your focus to get things going well again, help you see what to keep close and what to let go of and create some new habits so that you feel the balance is restored.

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