Help your people unlock their potential

Our Chats That Matter ® training develops coaching skills so managers can have conversations that:

  • Enable your workforce to escape the realm of overwhelm and find focus.
  • Harness people’s strengths and uncover potential.
  • Create the conditions for your people to thrive and get great results.

Want to keep your best people?

Leadership roles are rewarding, but they can also be challenging. We help you support, develop and keep your people.

Your people are your most valuable asset. But more than ever, employees feel burnt out and disengaged.

We train managers in how to talk about the tough stuff, using coaching skills and our innovative conversation tools. We show how to lead with empathy and motivate people by understanding what matters to them.

Whether you want to train your workforce, facilitate team development days, or transform your appraisal or PDR process, we help you to support, develop and keep your people.


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We’ve worked with

Our Chats That Matter® programme is award-winning

A bespoke package to support, develop and keep your people

Every organisation is unique. That’s why we develop a bespoke package to meet your goals.

You can choose the topics that reflect your priorities.

We’re flexible and can deliver the training as an intensive workshop or a longer-term programme.

Get inspiration for focus areas with our blog post.

What you get

Chats That Matter® training

Build skills and confidence in strengths-based coaching techniques to get the best from your people.

Coaching conversation toolkit

Our Chats That Matter® coaching resources make it easier for you to talk to your people about the tough stuff.

Conversation guide

Transform supervision and performance appraisals from a tick-box exercise to a powerful engagement tool so staff feel valued, using our Chats That Matter® guide to conversations.