So refreshing to be challenged and to have some time to think about and question your assumptions and things which might be holding you back. I felt it was valuable ‘me’ time, in the most constructive way. Julia is a champion for her coaches, and makes you feel great about yourself.

Coaching client


You might be at a career crossroads or want to find a way to get things going well in your life. Julia coaches in a strength-based way to help clients discover what they are great at, gain clarity, challenge self-limiting beliefs and discover their own solutions
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Coaching Approach

Julia helps people Be Their Best Selves. by enabling people to discover their passion, purpose and potential.
Through one to one and group coaching, Julia has strength based conversations to help people challenge self-limiting beliefs and discover their own solutions. Julia’s positive, gently challenging style, enables clients to build on what they are good at to identify practical steps to move forward.

Her clients have all expressed that they would recommend her to others, describing their sessions as “inspiring, enlightening, thought-provoking and helpful”

be your best self workshops

We provide fun ways to talk about things that get in the way of people being their best selves and coach people to discover how to get things On The Up.

Our Be Your Best Self and Five Ways To Focus bespoke concepts get people talking about the stuff that gets in the way of them being their best selves and help them make plans and take actions to get things On The Up.

With the informal coaching approach and fun concepts, participants learn handy techniques on how to overcome difficulties, discover their strengths, develop a healthy mindset, and discover how to Be Your Best Self. 100% of people who have been through the Be Your Best Self programme have given positive feedback. 100% of people asked would recommend it to others.

The workshops have helped the Youth Panel to develop as a team. There has been a positive impact on their relationships with one another. They developed their communication skills, bonded more as a team. This session increased their self-confidence. They developed a better understanding of themselves.

Programme Manager, GMYN

“If you want to change the culture of the organisation, change the conversation.
If you change the conversation, you change the relationship;
if you change the relationship you change the behaviours;
if you change the behaviours you change the outcomes.”

Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe

This was one of the most thought-provoking training sessions I have done and one I can see will transform the workplace

Course participant



The most successful organisations know how to value and develop their staff, they understand their strengths and how to emotionally engage with their people to make sure people are their best selves at work. This is a programme tailored to your organisation’s needs, supporting you to develop a coaching leadership style that through developing coaching skills in your teams to unlock potential and help people grow and achieve.

We help develop the mindset, skills and behaviours for leaders to recognise their own strengths and their team’s, to unlock potential, helping people to be their best selves at work. We use a range of evidence-based coaching techniques and innovative tools to help your people think and behave in ways to perform and lead better.


Taking the strengths- based approach and developing coaching skills is key for teams working with young people, keyworkers or community groups.

This programme helps teams to develop the mindset, behaviours and skills to use this approach to support people Be Their Best Selves and get things On The Up.

These fun, informal workshops use behaviour change concepts and coaching and mentoring techniques to help staff learn and practice having strength-based conversations in preparation for those Chats that Matter.

I didn’t realise how rich my life was until I undertook this Chats that Matter exercise. It is a really positive way of recognising what young people can do.

Youth Service Manager

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes,
you can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Dr Seuss

A very useful and engaging training session, really well delivered and presented, magical and eye-opening!

Mentors to Apprentices, Wigan Council


Mentoring is a great way to develop and retain staff. With the statutory requirements for apprentices to receive mentoring, we support organisations to develop their mentoring skills in house.

With our tools and techniques, managers are able to learn how to unlock the potential in their teams by; understand mentee as a whole person, what makes them tick and how to motivate them to grow and achieve as a valued member of the team.

The sessions are based on mentoring good practice and theory but delivered in a really interactive and practical format.

Start hanging out with people who see limitless possibility as the reality.  Surround yourself with people who act on their big ideas, who take action on making positive change in the world and who see nothing as out of their reach.

Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass


Taking coaching to the community with an asset- based community development approach.

With the aim of developing your workforce to work better with communities, we help create the mindset, behaviours, and coaching skills in your teams.

We offer innovative behaviour change tools and techniques that are proven to work. On The Up support teams to be ready to; have strength-based conversations in community, building on what is good already to develop; wellness, inclusion and social activation.

Julia knows how to turn strategic ideas into practical concepts and tools to engage others and encourage change.

Head of Reform & Innovation , Manchester City Council


Sharing stories of what works, what doesn’t and what really makes a difference. A call to action to inspire people to ‘have a go’ and work beyond the limitations of our thinking, perceived norms and organisational boundaries.

Julia has a creative and enthusiastic approach and is often invited to speak on the concepts of behaviour change and the strength-based approach. She draws on her experience in developing Behaviour Change Programmes for strength-based workforce reform, person-centred early help and place- based integration in the public sector.

Julia has co-designed and developed a range of behaviour change tools and concepts to change the conversation to be holistic and strength-based, focusing on “what is strong rather than what is wrong” and encourages other’s to take this approach.

Julia also has experience of innovative brand marketing in the private sector and developing coaching programmes for culture change and workforce development in large public sector organisations.

As the Behaviour Change Lead for Manchester City Council, Julia was involved in developing a national workforce development programme for the Department of Local Government and Communities. Julia is an Accredited Executive Coach and Mentor, has a Masters degree (Distinction) In Leading and Managing and BA(Hons) in Business Studies and is a member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Guest speaking engagements to date include:

GM Talent Match Employer Engagement Event
December 2017
‘Taking A Strength Based Approach to Mentoring Young People.’

The I Network- 2017 Annual Conference Leading With Vision
December 2017
‘Leading In Extraordinary Times’

North Yorkshire Constabulary Senior Leaders Conference
December 17
Leading In Extraordinary Times, A Vision for 2025

The I Network – Annual Conference 2018
Festival of Innovation: Leading Places
December 18
Four Steps to Taking an Asset Based Approach to Working With a Community

Women in Social Housing Network Event
May 2018
Four Steps to Taking an Asset Based Approach to Working With a Community

Compere for Women In Property North West Annual Dinner 2017
Compere for Women In Property North West Annual Dinner 2018

Lets get things On The Up


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