Stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed? I hear you! So many of us are. Is it time for you to refocus, and reset and find ways to get things on the up?

“When we have a head full of bees and can’t see the wood for the trees, when our mind is a muddle, we just need to pause, take a new look, and get a fresh perspective.”

Julia Wolfendale

Modern day life is full of distractions, social comparisons, and conflicting priorities. It is easy to get caught up in a way of being that leads to overwhelm and frustration and to lose sight of what matters.

Of course, if you are already in the zen zone 100% of the time and have the inner peace of a Buddhist monk, then that is brilliant. Good for you! Now move along, tiptoe back to the temple. My new book Five Ways to Focus is for the rest of us, the normal people that have real lives, jobs, families, responsibilities, fears, hopes, insecurities, and aspirations. It is for the great majority who are trying to make it in the world, or get through life, dealing with ambiguity to achieve ambitions, and trying to handle complexity and disappointments positively.

With me as your guide and cheerleader, you will discover in each chapter Five Ways to Focus which will help you to:

• Slow down your thinking to create the headspace you need

• Deal with distraction

• Feel more positive and empowered

• Gain clarity and focus on the stuff that counts

• Plan the practical actions to be your best self

 Give yourself a boost and get your copy. I hope you enjoy the results it will bring for you.  

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