That’s one of the best things I get to hear as a coach. Every time that familiar email lands in my inbox, I do a little happy dance at my desk, shriek a whoop of joy and send my congratulations to my client.

Knowing that the client has put the work in and is making a new start is heartening. It is exciting to see someone overcome what was in their way and achieve their dream.

When someone comes to me sensing that they are a ‘boiling point’ and thinking about making a move, I take time to understand what matters to them. During coaching sessions we work together to identify their strengths, and discover their true potential.

For some clients it involves working through the process of making bold new choices like; changing careers, moving to a new sector, or going freelance. For others it involves preparing for a promotion- building confidence so they shine super bright in the interview, and can step up into a new role.

Understanding what someone is really passionate about helps a client reorient themselves onto a path they are ready to follow.

 Are you following your purpose? Are you passionate about what you do? Or are you called to something else and want to discover how to make it happen? Do you know what needs to change for you to change for you to feel, happy, successful and fulfilled?

Let’s chat and see if coaching is right for you. Find out more or contact me here and we can arrange a call.

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