Delighted to be a guest on Hannah’s Bookshelf!

Saturday afternoon and I find myself not in my kitchen listening to the show, but in the studio being interviewed by Hannah, live on the radio.

Every week writer and presenter Hannah Kate talks to authors about their writing journey. This time it was my turn to be in the hot seat to chat about Five Ways to Focus and The Trouble with Elephants.

Catch up here and find out how the two books came about. Tune in to catch my picks for the Library at the End of Days.

Listen to Hannah’s Bookshelf and her interview with author and coach Julia Wolfendale

As a coach, I know that people can feel overwhelmed and adrift from what matters to them. Five Ways to Focus is tried and tested as an approach I use in coaching sessions. And now you can access this as to a toolkit for yourself with the book and course.

The book helps people slow down their thinking to focus on what matters. It’s written in a really conversational style with useful questions and prompts for positive action. You can see what has been getting in your way and how to overcome the blocks. You can get things on the up!

The Five Ways to Focus course is available on Udemy I have a limited number of coupons to access the course at a special price. To receive a special offer to this five star rated course click here to contact me.

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