Hello 2024! What can we learn from 2023?

Selective Focus Photography of Assorted-color Stars

The new year is a great time to reflect on what went well, what challenged you and what you are looking for in the 12 months ahead.

This was our most successful year in business for so many reasons; delivering our signature programme to 500 managers, guest speaking on important issues, helping fantastic clients achieve their outcomes through coaching. Our talented and trusted associates and partners have been an important part of the success. It has been so rewarding to know this has made a real difference to our clients.

Of course there have been challenges along the way but we’ve stayed true to the On The Up values and focused on what matters. That includes having great work life boundaries, and making work fun while getting stuff done. So we will be doing more of this in 2024 too.

Have you got plans to achieve great things this year? Five Ways to Focus gives you a way to give your attention to the important questions to help you review how things are going and what are you looking for. Whether it is grabbing a copy of the book, booking a place on the self-led coaching course or booking a session for your team. Email me for a Five Ways to Focus course voucher code or to book a call and let’s see how I can help you or your team find their focus and make 2024 fabulous.

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