Five ways to focus and make a great start to 2022.

It is by noticing the good stuff and appreciating it that we also create the courage and curiosity to peer into elements that might be creating difficulties and generating overwhelm.

Five Ways To Focus on Creating your Best Life

With the Christmas chaos behind us and Spring around the corner, January is a great time to start thinking about living your best life. The Five Ways to Focus approach helps create a positive outlook by bringing attention to just five things that matter. With these five simple ways you can greet the new year with gratitude and hope and create your best life.


Celebrating what has gone well, perhaps noting down all the great things that happened for you in 2021 will bring forth happy memories. Remind yourself to do more of those things that feel wonderful in 2022.


Notice what you want to nurture, and learn how to cherish those things this year that matter most. This will really help to keep you focused and dial down the distraction and overwhelm.


Review how things are going for you at the moment, this will be a good way to spot the things that need more of your attention.  You might notice that some things turned out better than you hoped.

Try again!

Ask yourself what you want to try again. This is a way of giving yourself another chance. Perhaps this year is just the right time for the thing you didn’t do last year. A new year is a chance for a new start. You might find new energy and enthusiasm will help you focus on trying again.

Let go!

Maybe there are things you are ready to leave behind and you want to move on. This could be a time to consider letting go of the things that no longer serve you and embracing the new opportunities this year has to offer.

Like the five ways approach?

The Five Ways to Focus book is now available on Amazon. Author Julia Wolfendale is your coach and cheerleader, helping you find ways to live your best life and get things on the up.

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