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Be your best self with Five Ways To Focus

  • Overwhelmed?
  • Stuck?
  • Distracted?
  • Struggling to prioritise?
  • Want to live your best life?

Five Ways To Focus draws on tried and tested coaching techniques to help you gain clarity and focus on the stuff that counts.

‘Insightful ways to help you deal with overwhelm, and gain clarity and perspective.’ – Psychologies Magazine

Readers are raving about it

100% ★★★★★ reviews on amazon

This book is a must for anyone who wants to untangle their busy thoughts and find some order and focus in their lives.


Amazon Reader Review

Buy this book you won’t be disappointed. It is positive and life-enhancing.


Amazon Reader Review

Everyone should read this book. Useful tips and advice to help people with busy lives to focus on the important and meaningful things and not get bogged down with all the unnecessary distractions.


Amazon Reader Review

Simple changes make a world of difference

‘Do you find yourself talking while texting, googling while zooming? Multi tasking seems like a clever way to be productive. However, it is a modern day myth!’ – Extract from Five Ways to Focus by Julia Wolfendale, Founder of On The Up Consulting

We know you’re busy. We get it.

That’s why Five Ways to Focus is broken down into bitesize chunks so you can dip in and out. Each chapter invites you to take action. Those small changes make all the difference.

Listen to our FREE visualisation to gain focus

When your mind is a muddle, you need to pause and get a fresh perspective.
Try this visualisation exercise taken from Five Ways to Focus to relax and improve your focus.

About the author.

As an experienced executive coach and trainer, I have worked with hundreds of people to help them understand what matters to them and helped them see how to be their best selves. This book will help you discover the way you want to be, and how to be your best self more of the time.
The sections in this book will help you think carefully about planning for and actually making the changes that will make a real difference to you.

The questions that I will ask you throughout the book will tap into your innermost thinking, and help you plan to move forwards in the areas of your life that need more focus and positive attention. Your unique insights will help you be your best self more of the time, and start living your best life.

Julia Wolfendale

'How are you doing?' Worksheet

Five Ways To Focus helps you have clarity to focus on what matters, click to download the worksheet and start to get things on the up!

Want feel good fiction for young people?

The Trouble with Elephants is an uplifting historical novel for young people and those who are young at heart.

It is 1872. Sam is an apprentice at Belle Vue Zoo in Manchester. He feels like an outsider, and the animals are the only ones who understand him.

His master, Mr Jennison, finds himself in a terrible predicament where he risks losing the zoo.

Everything is at stake. Sam must summon all his courage to save Sally, his beloved elephant, and the zoo.

Will Sam leave behind the difficulties of his past to fulfill his promise to Sally?

The Trouble with Elephants is a story of never giving up on what matters to you.

Behind the scenes the uplifting story behind the book

Hello, I’m Julia, author of The Trouble with Elephants and founder of On The Up Consulting.

The first flash of inspiration was when I was 12 years old. I saw the bones of Maharajah the elephant in the Manchester Museum. I was fascinated by the true story of the elephant making an epic 10-day trek from Edinburgh to Manchester.

For years, the manuscript gathered dust in the garage. Yet I had a niggling sense that it was a story that needed to be told.

In 2020, the UK entered lockdown during the COVID pandemic. I was reminded how short life can be. The unfinished manuscript haunted me – it was now or never.

Decades later, I finally fulfilled my dream and published the novel. It just goes to show you should never give up on what matters.

Want to ignite a passion for stories in young people?

We offer virtual author experiences to i nspire young people to read more and write their own stories.

The Trouble with Elephants is a message of hope for young people about never giving up on what matters to you.
You’ll get:

  • A reading from The Trouble with Elephants
  • Question and answer session
  • Chats That Matter® resources to get students thinking about their talents, ambition and potential
book cover depicting 'The Trouble with Elephants' written by Julia Wolfendale and published by On the Up Books

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