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Five Ways To Focus

Deal with overwhelm, gain clarity and perspective and get things on the up!

as featured in Psychologies magazine

About The Book

Julia Wolfendale, Executive Coach guides you through five ways to take stock, discover what matters, and have a renewed focus.

When you know what to focus on, you can learn how to minimise the distractions, and have attention on the things that will make a real difference.

Finding ways to focus gives you the opportunity to develop a new perspective, by drawing attention to those things that have eluded you until now or have been in your blind spot.Once you know what you are drawn to, and why, you can start to create the life you are intentional about living, then you can plan the actions that align to your true purpose and that generate the rewards you seek.

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Featured in Pyschologies magazine

Julia Wolfendale talks to editor Sally Saunders of Pyschologies magazine this month about her insights into why we get overwhelmed. Get some tips on how to beat the busy and find fulfilment.

Fantastic book, full of insights and advice

Reader Review

This book is a must for anyone who wants to untangle their busy thoughts and find some order and focus in their lives.


Reader Review

Who is the book for?




Stuck & frustrated?




Struggling to prioritise?


Want to live your best life?

What you’ll learn?


How to develop new perspective


How to create the life you want to live


Discover the way you want to be


How to deal with distraction and focus on what matters


How to make the changes that will make a real difference to you

About the author.

As an experienced executive coach and trainer, I have worked with hundreds of people to help them understand what matters to them and helped them see how to be their best selves. This book will help you discover the way you want to be, and how to be your best self more of the time.
The sections in this book will help you think carefully about planning for and actually making the changes that will make a real difference to you.

The questions that I will ask you throughout the book will tap into your innermost thinking, and help you plan to move forwards in the areas of your life that need more focus and positive attention. Your unique insights will help you be your best self more of the time, and start living your best life.

Julia Wolfendale

'How are you doing?' Worksheet

Five Ways To Focus helps you have clarity to focus on what matters, click to download the worksheet and start to get things on the up!

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