We all need an uplifting story now and again don’t we? Our latest initiative On The Up Books will see the publication of two new books this year. The first, ‘The Trouble With Elephants,’ is a heart-warming historical tale of hope, courage, and overcoming challenges. I first penned a version of this novel when I was 12 years old, so this really is a story of never giving up on what matters to you, and if you care enough about something you will find a way to make it happen.

What is it about?

The story features a young apprentice at Belle Vue Zoo, Samuel Sparrowdale. It is 1872, and Mr Jennison, the founder of Belle Vue Zoological Gardens, finds himself in a terrible predicament, everything is at stake. Sam has to summon all his determination and courage to save Sally, the beloved elephant, and the zoo. The boy faces an incredible challenge that requires him to leave the difficulties of his past behind forever in order to fulfill his promise to Sally.

Why this story and why now?

In these recent times amidst a global pandemic and interruption to people’s work and learning. We know people are looking for hope and encouragement that difficult times will pass. We all still have our strengths and talents, although we might need to find new ways to use them. This book weaves the themes of resilience and determination and hope. It is a great accompaniment to our Chats That Matter program, with our coaching resources that get children and young people talking about the tough stuff, and helping them find ways to be their best selves.

How can I get a copy?

The book is available on Amazon.com in e-book or paperback format or on shop4heatons.com in paperback.

How can I book a virtual author event for my school?

We offer an online interactive session for schools. This includes a reading of a sample of the book by the author, question and answer session and Chats That Matter resources to get students thinking about their talents, ambitions, and potential. Please complete the contact form to enquire about how we can provide a virtual author experience for your school.

Best wishes, Julia Wolfendale,

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