These may be clues that you’re at a career change point or a boiling point. So what do we mean by that? The book Five Ways To Focus introduces the concept of change points and boiling points. Let’s take a closer look.

Change points

Typically, a change point is brought about by external events. Perhaps you’ve recently been made redundant or promoted. Or maybe there are rounds of restructures at work.

Whatever the cause, these transitions can leave you discombobulated, unsure of how to process the new thoughts and feelings. You might be well aware of the demands on you but confused about how to respond positively.

Boiling points

Boiling points can be trickier to spot, but they’re incredibly common. The main difference between a change point and a boiling point is how it feels. Perhaps work stresses are compounding, and on top of all of that, you still have responsibilities at home. You may sense the pressure is building, and you need to dial down the heat.

When things gets tough, you may notice you’re not your best self. If you sit with the problem too long, you can slip into feeling disengaged and disillusioned. It is good that you have spotted the warning signs, now it’s time to find your way back to what matters.

Finding your own path

Extract from Five Ways To Focus .

The first step towards feeling better is spotting the signs. It’s vital to pay attention and notice when you’re approaching or in the middle of a change point or a boiling point.

While things may be tough now, this is a brilliant opportunity to take stock and reassess. Consider:

In the book Five Ways To Focus, there’s a whole section guiding you through how to figure out what you’re really looking for. It may be that a move to another department where you can use your skills or to an organisation aligned with your values will be just what you need. Or perhaps you feel like you’ve strayed from your true path, and you’re mulling over changing to a completely different career.

Taking the time to consider what you’re really looking for can help you find your path and discover what’s right for you in this season of your life. Perhaps you crave more freedom over how you spend your days. Or maybe you long for more fulfilling work. It can be such a lightbulb moment when you realise what’s missing.

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